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Regarding the Black Box

April 1– May 10, 2008

Essay by Despina Sevasti

In her installations and constructions Eleni Panouklia deals with the relation between man and the world, between man and the natural habitat. Α common characteristic of her work is the existence of imperceptible structures, which grow in the bare space between visible and immediately recognizable elements. In such a way Panouklia breeds novel environments where new data is processed and assimilated. Through this enrichment the artist poses additional questions for the perception of the tangible world.


Eleni Panouklia in her second solo show at Qbox titled Regarding the Black Box presents a video installation.


She starts by mapping the gallery space and defining her spatial conditions. In this predefined space, Panouklia places a large black box and a screen-item onto which a landscape is projected in different time moments. The viewer, guided by a metronome, has to coordinate with the sound and the projection throughout his/her stay at the gallery space.


By describing this lively two-way relationship which bands us to the world Eleni Panouklia succeeds in finally connecting the contradictions and complexities of a reality.


Eleni Panouklia was born in 1972 in Greece. She studied Chemistry at the University of Patras (1995), Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2004) and Sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma (2003-04). In 2005 she was awarded the Greek State Scholarship and in 2007 she completed her postgraduate studies in Sculpture in Athens. She has taken part in numerous group shows and this is her second solo exhibition. She is based in Athens, Greece.

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