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My melancoly’s lullaby

May 10 – June 16, 2007

Essay by Efi Strousa

Dimitris Alithinos (b. 1945, Athens) is one of the most renowned artists of his generation and has been at the forefront of the Greek avant-garde since the ‘70s. Alithinos’ solo exhibition, entitled “My melancoly’s lullaby” is a large in situ installation.

Qbox gallery is honored to host Alitheinos which refers to power and to the changing political climate. The prime elements of the installation are scaffolds. Scaffolds have been an essential part of the human civilization since antiquity. Used to build, on this temporary platform workers perform tasks, raise buildings, and monuments-symbols of human power and development. On the other hand, the scaffold is the instrument of the persecutor still used in the execution of condemned people. Each murder though, also denotes the fall of our civilization.


Dimitris Alithinos comments on the ever changing positions of power, on the human propensity to create and to destroy, to subordinate and to become a subordinate. The persecutor often becomes the victim and the equilibrium is subtle.

Educated in Paris and in Rome, he has participated in the most important Biennials, such as Sao Paolo Biennial, Istanbul Biennial and, Venice Biennial while prominent art historians and curators have supported his work (Rosa Martinez, Efi Strousa, Beral Madra among others).

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