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Lillian Lykiardopoulou, Pavlos Nikolakopoulos, Eleni Panouklia

December 16, 2008 - January 31, 2009

Get a line on is the title of the drawing exhibition where featured artists Lillian Lykiardopoulou, Pavlos Nikolakopoulos and Eleni Panouklia deal with it as for them drawing is of a paramount importance to realize their three dimensional works.


Lillian Lykiardopoulou's work involves both drawing and sculpture. Through the combination of objects and images, she destabilizes their meaning or their use, or both where her drawings are simple with an ever surrealistic and humorous mood. She is constantly questioning visual, cultural or political boundaries and exploring the relation between the normal and perverse.

Pavlos Nikolakopoulos creates objects and installations in which he negotiates the re-definition of the meanings that are produced by social and political issues through our conceptual mechanisms. For this reason he often makes use of interactive means in his works that demand the public's participation. Drawing and notes are an essential part of the artist's process to realize his site-specific and larger scale works. They are not usually shown and are exhibited for the first time. The drawings are detailed documentations of his practice and modeling of his three-dimensional art-pieces, which are mostly unknown.

In her installations and constructions Eleni Panouklia deals with the relation between man and world, between man and the natural habitat. Α common characteristic of her work is the existence of imperceptible structures, which grow in the bare space between visible and immediately recognizable elements. In such a way Panouklia breeds novel environments where new data is processed and assimilated. Through this enrichment the artist poses additional questions for the perception of the tangible world. Her drawings are either inspired from her installations she has realized and complement each other or are part of her wider work which is in progress.

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