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Worn. Kissed.

Curated by Myrtia Nikolakopoulou

Duration: January 10 - March 26, 2020

Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery, Kallirrois 39, Athens

Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Swedish artist Edward Jarvis (b. 1964, Umea, Sweden) in Greece. Known in the arts and music, Jarvis has exhibited in museums and galleries in Sweden and abroad and he has been collaborating with major musicians of the international music scene.


Jarvis’s bizarrely exuberant pictorial idiom has elements from important artists and storytellers that we all have come across. In his paintings, he takes us to a rich world of allegories, symbolism and contrasts where fascinating scenes unfold, attracting the viewer’s eye and spirit. The protagonists are mainly people and animals in deserted landscapes, empty spaces and obscure environments.


His narrative has references to songs, myths, folklore, everyday life and current reality. It is often dark without causing fear or disgust though and his images quite surprise us and interpret events and our psychology than they discourage us. Scenes with animals, people, insects in surreal situations, sometimes carefree and sometimes intense, this is a puzzle that depicts the complex situation in which we live today.

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