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1971 – 1979        



2007 – 2014


Μay 10 – June 28, 2014

Paolo Colombo is exhibiting a body of work from the 1970s. Poems written by the artist are presented in fragmentary form, like epigraphs in separate yet adjoining paper surfaces. The medium employed for the texts is the graphite point: the first contact of any pencil with a surface, and the beginning of every possible line. Dealing with memory, the verses appear as if they were written on the sand and even the lightest breeze could easily erase them.


Apostolos Michailides presents a series of watercolors and collages that make colorful foils to Colombo’s narratives. Equally complex in their execution, the compositions are both emotionally charged and diligently refined. Michailides’s works function as the objective correlative to Colombo’s texts, establishing a conversation between the artists based on their pictorial and literary affinities.


Paolo Colombo (b. 1949, Torino, Italy) is an international curator based in Athens and Apostolos Michailides (b. 1969, Preveza, Greece) is a self-taught artist based in Brussels, Belgium.

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