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December 9, 2006 - January 20, 2007

Qbox gallery is pleased to present Portraits, a solo exhibition by Natassa Poulantza. In her most recent work the artist uses aquarelle and acrylic colors on canvas and on large handmade papers.


Poulantza’s enlarged Portraits craftily highlight, through their particular characteristics, the personality traits of her subjects. Eccentric, ill-natured or unwary, but above all lonely and isolated, the subjects’ pose on the canvas is full of confidence. Poulantza’s characters appear complementary yet, they manage to invoke contradictory emotions in the viewer.


Characteristics which come out of “portraits” which the artist has consciously chosen; her subjects are flowers. As Peggy Kounenaki points out in the catalogue’s text which accompanies the show, the flowers are “familiar, ordinary flowers. Employing a playful mood, with plenty of humor and occasional glimpses of melancholy […], she enjoys transferring human behaviors and moods and setting atmospheres […]. Her works do not function in a single way. They express an existential agony about loneliness that defines human relationships, about love and death, and pose questions […]”.

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