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Essay by Eleni Garoufalia

November 4 - December 2, 2006

Qbox gallery is glad to present, “Untitled”, the fifth solo exhibition of Dimitris Merantzas.

In Merantzas’ photo chemical painting camera and film are absent. The artist takes advantage of the qualities and reactions to chemicals of the black and white photographic paper to produce images which even though they appear to be the result of mechanical reproduction, are, in fact, original paintings; the strong gestural motions being a trademark of this series. Merantzas replaces the common painting materials (oil, ink etc.) with photo processing chemicals crafting images full of ambiguity in terms of appearance and subject matter.  


As Eleni Garoufalia notes in her essay, “we observe a ceaseless sequence of unexpected results produced by artistic eloquence and by the randomness of the unorthodox technique employed.”

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